Who we are

Men Matters is a peer-based support group offering men a safe space to talk about their day-to-day problems.

We are a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers who are passionate about helping others.

We aren’t mental health professionals but we recognise that it’s a topic that needs more support.

Our goals

We aim to help end the stigma around men talking about their emotions and feelings. We want all men to feel able to talk to someone.

As we grow, we plan to offer a wider range of resources to enable people to get the help they need.

We hope to collaborate with other organisations so we may offer a wider net of support, helping as many people as possible.

How we acheive this

Creating safe spaces where men can talk to each other and truly be heard.

Listen to the needs of our members and provide the right assistance where possible.

Promote new ways of thinking and working together to help each other.

Doing all of this while adhering to our own set of values.

What we are doing

We hold free weekly meetings, where we provide a safe space to talk to other men in a confidential but informal way.

We have a list of resources on our website to help people find further assistance.

You can find us on social media, spreading some uplifting and positive content.

We have a private Facebook group where men can connect, reach out and/or offer support between meetings.

How you can help

Help us raise awareness by sharing us online or social media. Engage with our social media posts by liking or commenting on them.

If you are a man that needs to talk, attend a meeting. See for yourself what we do, and how we support each other.

If you’re a mental health professional, we would love to hear from you about ways that can help us improve or resources we can share.

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